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Innovative Solutions for the Developing World

Challenges of the developing countries are complex and unique, requiring dynamism and astute integration of technology, products and services. 

We summon coherence of our vast experience across several verticals integrating technology and a myriad of services including Sales, Distribution, Product Development, Manufacturing and Assembly to build solutions that balance the technology ecosystem while improving the life of the citizens as well as the environment of our planet.

Our diverse cross vertical services amalgamated with our disruptive technology expertise (BlockChain, AI and Analytics) are enabling transformative solutions in Greenfield markets.

Plight of India’s Agrarian Economy

India is an Agrarian Economy and 55% Of India’s population relies on Agriculture as their main source of income. Agriculture accounts for almost a quarter of India’s GDP with 70% of it’s rural households being Agrarian families. Despite this.. 

Supply Chain & Food Distribution

Government of India have embarked upon critical projects to modernize, optimize and create a secure system for distribution of food and supplies to citizens to reduce all potential losses due to fraud, theft and mismanagement ..

Connecting & Transforming India

India is a vast and diverse country which has grown tremendously in the last few decades. Even though the urban areas have seen a surge in connectivity and inclusiveness, remote India is still lagging behind. With a vision to build a more..



Sales and


and Assembly

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Blockchain and AI driven implementation for food distribution

Commendable initiatives by the government – such as Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) is one of the Indian Government’s most important instruments of policy aimed at food security, inclusive growth and public satisfaction. Our BlockChain based solution is helping solve complex problems..   Know more

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